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It’s been a long time since I posted something up on my blog. I’m pretty sure my mum is the only one who reads it, but I thought I’d write another post…

So, no I’m not still in Shanghai, I made it to Australia back in December, had a lot of amazing times in between then and now.

I have actually just got back from Sydney, free business trip. I spent nothing. Amazing. Had about 5 meetings over 2 days and stayed in a pretty shady hotel. My room had two queen beds in it, so that was kind of fun. Could have rented one out and made some money…

In Sydney, after the first day of meetings I went down to the Sydney Opera house, and it is quite a bit different to what I expected. It’s massive! I expected that, but the shape and curves and texture of the sails were really quite surprising when you get up close. It was the evening, so it was all lit up, the bridge also.

We, my boss and I, then had food and drinks in the Opera bar. Which is kind of back and underneath from the Opera House. Really cool place, with live music from a couple of really talented musicians. So generally I enjoyed Sydney, and 100% want to go back and see a bit more of it. For example, I am yet to see Bondi beach and go to manly. I’d also like to visit some other cool places around there and probably go out on the piss there.


  • Jane

    Andy! I didn’t know you write a blog. you need more info on what you have been up to in Australia. I want to come and live out there too so I am saving up to hopefully fly out early next year. Also I have been writing you an update on the Armley lot in a book and I probably should send it soon but there are still blank pages. I will skive some work tomorrow and try complete it. write on here a brief update of your life. Also I saw that ginger landlord you used to have in a bar at the weekend. He blanked me. Did he ever get the rent you owed him? haaa

    • AndySm1th

      JANE!! I didn’t really advertise it, because I wasn’t really keeping it updated much. The plan was to keep posting regularly, but as you can see, I really failed that. I will try and keep it more up to date, although I’m not really doing the whole traveler thing, I’m trying to move here for good, remember.
      A BOOK! I was wondering where my letters were? I was even half expecting them, but a book, wow!
      Haha, Tom? Yeah, I did actually pay them a month’s rent in the end, Neil, the other landlord, threatened to put in place some law thing that meant as soon as I hit English soil I would be due to go to court and pay a massive fine, couldn’t be arsed with the hassle so I paid them.
      I’ll write a quick update when I get a chance.