Tour de France.

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You might know I like my cycling, having recently bought this bad boy:

My Felt

Well, the tour de France is about to start this weekend, and to make it a bit more fun, my French friend, Jeremy, and I are having a bit of a fantasy team battle on this site: (it’s like fantasy football). You basically pick a team of 8 and they get awarded points for different reasons. I beat him last year, actually I destroyed him last year, and I plan on doing the same again this year. If you want to join our league you can go to the website previously mentioned and make a team, then join this league: 77052

We haven’t thought of a wager yet, but if you want to get involved you can help us decide. Or throw in your suggestions either way.

  • AndySm1th

    I would, and did, use the word “destroyed”.